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已經有30年歷史的德意志品牌- 所有產品都由創辦人Keith Aschenbrenner親手製造。Auditorium 23字面意義為大禮堂 23,數字23來自當時的公司營業地址Gabelsberger Strasse 23號。

Established since 1980, all Auditorium 23 products are handmade by the founder, Keith Aschenbrenner. The number 23 comes from its original business location -  Gabelsberger Strasse 23.

Auditorium 23 MC 
Step-Up Transformer*

與Denon DL-103, Benz-Micro MC20E2-L, EMT JSD 5, Ortofon SPU*等唱頭搭配效果相當優異的MC唱頭聲壓器,尤其與DL-103的組合總體價格非常超值,非常值得黑膠聆聽者一試。


"話雖如此,假若某人正考慮入手一個MC唱頭與昇壓器,那麼Denon DL-103與A23這組合可能比一個更昂貴的唱頭但搭配了不夠精心選擇的裝置好多了:很難想像僅花費1204美元買的MC唱頭加升壓器組合就很難被超越了。"

Art Dudley的聆聽#58 (2007-10) 

Standard MC唱頭升壓器為Stereophile B級榜器材。

Jazz Home Audio主筆Mike Quinn聆聽Shelter 501MkII搭配A23 Standard升壓器後對此組合也相當激賞。

Image-Hifi 5/96: "...順便說一下,這是DL 103搭配得天獨厚,有著無與倫比價格和效益好夥伴一個具強力與和諧聲音表現的升壓器

Synergistic MC booster for Denon DL-103, Benz-Micro MC20E2-L, EMT JSD 5, Ortofon SPU*. Makes a superb bargain combo when partnered with DL-103.

*low-impedance cartridge requires a different version

"That said, if one considers an MC cartridge and its transformer together, then the Denon–Auditorium 23 combination could emerge as a superior alternative to pairing a more expensive cartridge with a less carefully chosen device: It's difficult to imagine spending $1204 on a cartridge plus step-up and doing better than this."

A23 Standard SUT is a Class B recommended Stereophile component.

In combination with Shelter 501MKII, the A23 Standard's performance is highly praised by Mike Quinn of Jazz Home Audio.

Image-Hifi 5/96: "... by the way, a good partner for the DL 103 which is blessed with a probably unbeatable relation of price and benefit. A transformer with powerful and harmonic sound."


Auditorium 23 Hommage T1 Step-Up Transformer*

Auditorium 23 的旗艦升壓器,除了可與Shindo版Ortofon SPU 搭配, 對應Lyra, Miyabi和 Koetsu等低阻抗唱頭也有非常驚人的表現, 既使價格不便宜,還是讓Stereophile評論員Art Dudley認為此產品"非常超值"!

Hommage T1 is A23's flagship MC booster. Designed to work with ultra low impedance cartridge such as Lyra, Miyabi, Koetsu and Shindo Ortofon SPU. Deemed by
Art Dudley of Stereophile as a tremendous bargain  even taking its price tag into account.

Hommage T1 MC唱頭升壓器獲Stereophile A級排行,並獲得法國Diapason與德國Image Hifi獎賞。

法國Diapson雜誌主筆JM Piel評論Hommage T1的誕生是個新里程碑而且有資格加入偉大傳奇器材的行列!

Hommage T1 is a Class A Stereophile recommended component. It also won awards from "Diapason" of France and "Image Hifi" of Germany.

"This transformer definately marks a milestone in the history of very high fidelity and joins - even though it has only just been launched - the ranks of the great lengendary products". JM Piel, editor-in-chief of Diapason 



SUT Advantages:

Passive, noise free, and capable of capturing the coherent, delicate and natural textures of MC cartridges in a way active gain stages can hardly do. 

Hommage T2版本已問世。這個針對像EMT及Denon DL103等較高阻抗唱頭而專門設計的昇壓器,可以帶領你達到另一個層次的黑膠聆聽樂趣!

Higher-impedance cartridge users! 
Enhance your vinyl listening pleasure with the new Hommage T2. It is designed in mind to work with higher impedance cartridges like the  EMT or Denon DL103.

Auditorium 23
Loudspeaker Cables

A23喇叭線兩端接頭為瑞士50年老廠MC AG出品的輕量高品質鍍金香蕉插。


此喇叭線自1990年至今問世已超越20年, 證明其性能完全經的起時間的考驗。

Composed, organic and powerful sounding, the A23 speaker cables are excellent linking selections between amps and speakers (especially so with tube amps and high-efficiency wide-range speakers). They are terminated with high quality light-weight banana plugs made by MC AG of Switzerland.

Debuted more than 2 decades ago in 1990, the performance of A23 speaker cables has been proven through the test of time.  

Auditorium 23 Jumper Cables

A23跳線 - 應A23喇叭線用家需求而推出的產品,如果您有A23喇叭線而且喇叭配有雙接線端子,將原本的跳線改為A23跳線後更能提升您的聆聽樂趣。

Introduced by request of users of A23 speaker cables. If you have a pair of A23 speaker cables hooked up to a pair of speakers with bi-wire terminals, the A23 jumpers will easily enhance your listening pleasure.

Auditorium 23 Interconnects

A23訊號線 - 歷經長期研究後於2007年推出的A23喇叭線完美搭檔。標準長度為1米,RCA
接頭採音質與品質一流的Switchcraft 。也可依用戶需求訂製他長度,或安裝XLR
5-pin phono接頭。

A23訊號線優異的表現獲得德國2010 Image Hifi Award。

Released in 2007 after years of research and development, the A23 interconnects are the perfect mates for A23's own speaker cables. Standard length is 1 meter and they are terminated with high quality, excellent sounding Switchcraft RCA connectors. Custom length, XLR and 5-pin phono connectors available upon request.

Their excellent performance captured Image Hifi's product award in 2010.


Auditorium 23 Turntable Mat

A23 LP唱片墊 -由天然橡膠與棉紗混和而成的唱片墊,雖然當初是為J.C. Verdier唱盤開發,但用在其他類比唱盤也有很相當的效果,顧客反應至今均為正面,並也獲得Tone Audio 2010 Award。

Developed originally for J.C. Verdier turntables, and made from a material consisting of cotton and  dense rubber, the A23 LP mat also works very well with other analog turntables and has received very positive feedbacks from customers so far. It was also on ToneAudio's 2010 products of  the year list.


Auditorium 23 SoloVox


SoloVox為無分音器高效率喇叭,發聲單元為使用特別訂製的PHY-HP寬音域21cm單體,是搭配2A3, 300B或AD1等小功率單端管機的最佳選擇。


SoloVox is a crossoverless design with proprietary 21cm PHY-HP drive unit. A great partner for flea-power SE tube amps such as AD1, 2A3 or 300B.


德國Image Hifi 獎賞

SoloVox is the winner of 2006 Image Hifi Award in the category of loudspeakers.

All photos courtesy of Auditorium 23

A23 升壓器為以下評論員參考器材:

Michael Lavorgna
Ken Micallef

Positive Feedback : Jeff Day

Stereophile: Art Dudley


Paul Candy, Jay Fisher
Michael Lavorgna, 
Ken Micallef 

Enjoy the Music: Jules Coleman

Positive Feedback: Jeff Day

Stereophile: Art Dudley


6moons: Michael Lavorgna

Enjoy the Music: Jules Coleman