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有別一般單體的鋁質線圈,PHY-HP線圈為純銅,SAG系列的純銀線圈更能降低MDI*失真 。





沒有現代單體能與PHY-HP H21 LB15抗衡 - 僅有194050年代的逸品能夠相提並論,” 法國DIAPASON雜誌總編輯Jean Marie Piel在其評論這麼說過。

MDI =  介質微放電,是一種電流通過導體時會產生的現象,其干擾程度依導體材質而有所不同,而且披覆人造電介體的導體比披覆天然電介體的導體更容易引起此干擾失真。

Photo courtesy of J.H. Lim

In comparison against conventional dynamic drivers, PHY-HP drivers are very wide in frequency response, high in sensitivity, low in mass. Since crossover network is not necessary, they are very energy efficient and easy to drive, even with flea-power amplifiers. A great advantage at preserving and transmitting delicate music signals! In addition, PHY-HP drivers have the following unusual features... 

Silk Coverd Voice Coil
Voice coil of all PHY-HP units have 15 micrometer silk insulation to avoid the production of MDI* and other perturbations.

Vellum Former
Voice coil of PHY-HP driver is wound around impregnated vellum former to reduce MDI*.

Double Voice Coils 
Voice coils are wound on both the inside and outside of the Vellum formers for more efficient heat dissipation and minimal signal transmission losses.

Pure Copper/Silver Voice Coil
Unlike aluminum voice coils used in most drivers, PHY-HP uses pure copper and silver voice coils.

Piezo Tweeter
Diaphragm eliminates driven by p
iezoelectric crystal instead of vo
ice coil eliminate coil friction in the magnetic gap and stray magnetic field from magnet structure. Consequently, driver efficiency is increased, harmonic distortion lowered with better power handling and excellent transient response!

Alnico Magnet
Alnico Alcomax 3SC with mild steel pole pieces raises magnet efficiency and converges the magnetic force (no magnetic losses) to form an astonishing strength of 1.4 T.  

Ultralight Paper Cone
PHY-HP cones are made of paper with long and short fibers to obtain excellent rigidity with very light weight that is 60% less than conventional dynamic drivers. Meaning that PHY-HP driver will respond to amplifier signals 250% faster than conventional drivers!!

Knowledge acquired in the preceding decades for making high efficiency wide-range speaker driver has almost disappeared. Only PHY-HP insists on making the drivers in the traditional way with the best natural materials and craftsmanship. Click here to get a glimpse of manufacturing process of these wonderful products!

"Not a single present-day speaker can compare to H21 LB15 - the only competition comes from the best units of the 40s and 50s," wrote Jean Marie Piel in one of his editorials in DIAPASON.

*MDI= Micro Discharge of Interface. It states that wherever current passes through a conductor, molecular scale micro-discharges are produced within the conductor/insulation interface. Their intensity depends on several factors: firstly on electrical current but also on the nature of the dielectric, on it’s more or less close contact with the conductor, and on the state of the conductor’s surface.