♫ Tweak ◇ 微調

關鍵抑振 Resonance Control


Apply small amount of Blu-Tack for critical resonance controls.

靜電消除 Eliminate Statics

消除CD/LP唱片靜電 - 可利用除靜電槍或抗靜電清潔劑達此目的。

Use static neutralizer to eliminate malice effects of static electricity on CD and vinyl records.

繞射干擾 Interference of stray laser beam


Use water based green marker on outside edge of CDs to reduces the scattered reflections of the laser beam and improve clarity.

線材抬昇 Lift The Cables

線材獲得最小接觸面之有效支撐時,可保持磁通量場完整, 減低插入與寄生電容,提升系統解析。請避免含有金屬成分之支撐物。

Elevate your cables to reduce the the negative effects of unwanted capacitance caused by carpeting and flooring. Avoid using lifter comprising metal components.

器材支撐 Equipment Rack


Avoid rack with more than 2 shelves if it is be placed between speakers. Position the rack behind speakers. Place equipment on solid, well built wood rack or solid wood board with adequate, but not excessive thickness.